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Investors and Landlords Should Prepare for Rent Control and Other Legislative Hostilities in Colorado. Here's the How and Why.

Mar 16, 2023

This post discusses the legislative hostility accompanying affordable housing initiatives in Colorado. 

How recently passed legislation is likely to impact real estate investors and affordable housing developments in the state. 

How the amount of funding directed towards affordable housing initiatives has changed and how these funds will be allocated. 

How the state is incentivizing local governments to promote more density in zoning, expedite the approval process, and subsidize the regulatory and infrastructure costs associated with new development for mixed-income and affordable housing projects. 

The post argues that these policies will create a small supply of heavily regulated, deed-restricted housing that will be difficult to obtain and covered with so much red tape and bureaucratic nonsense, and concludes by discussing the potential impact of proposed legislation and how it is important to pay attention and prepare for what is coming.

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What do the 2022 Colorado Election Results Mean for Your Real Estate Investments?

Dec 14, 2022

The blog post discusses the impact of Colorado's 2022 election results on real estate investments. While voters rejected the "Free Evictions for All" ordinance, the author raises concerns about Proposition 123, which "Dedicates Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs" and provides funds for eviction defense within funding for homelessness. The author argues that the measure falls short in addressing housing affordability in Colorado, as it retains government standards for "affordable housing" that could limit entry for low-income buyers. Developers would likely build units that cater to higher-income buyers.

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How Has Market Volatility Affected Your Real Estate Investments? What Can You Do To Capitalize?

Aug 26, 2022

If you’re invested in the stock market, you’ve probably experienced plenty of volatility given the wild swings we’ve seen through the first half of this year. Lucky for you, the fact that you read this blog means you’re invested in real estate. While real estate investment is by no means immune to volatility, its proven time and time again to be one of the most robust assets available in times of economic instability. So how has this year of volatility affected your real investments and how might you be able to capitalize in this rapidly changing market?

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